Water Forum Belgrade

RICO will partcipate on this event together with our Serbian partner Beo Tehnology


This year, the eighth Exhibition on Water, will be held  between 16th - 18th November, and it will bring together in one place,  manufacturers and distributors of equipment, devices and chemicals,  representatives of scientific institutions, engineering and designing  companies, water management enterprises, local authorities, public utilities  companies, government ministries as well as the financial institutions which through  funds and loans invest money in water management.
  At  the opening of the previous Exhibition  on Water  it was emphasized that in Serbia the water quality is generally good, but  lately it is threatens in several cities. Constantly deterioration of the  environment and increasing the number of consumers requires Water Utilities as  well as State and Local Government make further efforts to secure sufficient  drinking water quantities of required quality. Achieving these goals is  possible through greater involvement in the environmental protection regulation  and water sources as well as wastewater sanitation and treatment.

Unfortunately sewage systems did not follow the  construction of water supply, which is confirmed by the fact that Serbia has  15,000 km of sewer network and 50 Wastewater treatment Plant mainly with  smaller capacity. The quantity of treated wastewater is approximately 10% of  the collected wastewater. To meet EU and National standards for wastewater  treatment will require huge investments.

The importance of this topic was confirmed on first day of  Water Forum, with presentations of outstanding foreign and local experts who  presented best European practices and experiences.

The topic of the second and third day of the Forum, were dedicated  to the Regional cooperation in the field of water through the Danube Water  Program DWP (Water sector Institutional strengthening program for the Utilities  in Danube catchment area) with the information that the DWP program will be  extended in the next three years with the support of IAWD, WB, GIZ and SDC.

The importance of a topic, on the Water Forum, was  confirmed by the information that the Serbian Chamber of Engineers gave winning  points for the licensed engineers who attended the first two days of the  conference presentations.

The presence of 90 companies – the exhibitors, the large  number of expert speakers and a large number of visitors who visited the Exhibition on Water 2015  and attended the presentations in the framework of Water, confirmed the  interest of the professionals for this event as well as the topics that it  addresses .