During the RICO|ACADEMY you will receive important inputs around the application possibilities of our products. We will present technical innovation and offer the opportunity to discuss questions of your daily work in the group or with our service technicians. We will offer simple solutions and the possibility to test the devices in our demo drain system. In addition, this meeting offers the option to share your wishes and requirements as a user with us.


In the SERVICE|ACADEMY our technicians take time to talk specifically about service concerns and repairs that occur. You will learn how to technically dismantle and reassemble devices. Which points are to be considered during maintenance work.

Regular and professional machine care increases the operating time of an inspection system immensely! Outages always cost money, time and nerves. That does not have to be the case! In addition, there is an overview of all updates and additionally developed functions.



SERVICE|ACADEMY: Kempten, Germany 29. January 2020

RICO|ACADEMY: Oslo, Norway, 19. February 2020

PARTNER|ACADEMY for sales partners: Kempten, Germany 18. - 19. March 2020