Product Features

  • Mobile inspection system, suitable from Ø 100 mm to 2,000 mm
  • Depending on the requirements various carriages and cameras can be used
  • Cable drum with 300 m single-wire cable
  • Modular design, ideally suited for mobile use and vehicle development
  • Light, compact and easy to transport with ergonomic transport handles
  • Integrated anti-glare industrial PC with SSD hard drive, suitable for daylight, 12.1 inches
  • Folding cover with an integrated anti-glare observation monitor, suitable for daylight, 12.1 inches
  • Inclusive basic software WinCan ProTouch Lite
  • Optionally with complete sewer TV inspection software
  • Made in Germany

Vehicle Development

  • By integrating the CROSS|TOUCH into the CROSS|PORTER, RICO offers a high-value inspection vehicle with an excellent cost-efficiency, as well as a mobile inspection system that can be separated from the vehicle in just a few simple steps.
  • Moreover, with pre-built assembly modules, RICO offers an unparalleled flexibility when it comes to developing your vehicle yourself.

Technical Data

PC monitor 31 cm/12.1 inches
capacitive multi-touch
suitable for daylight and anti-glare
brightness: 800 cd/m²
resolution: 1024 × 768 pixels
contrast: 900:1
observation monitor 31 cm/12.1 inches
suitable for daylight and anti-glare
brightness: 800 cd/m²
resolution: 1024 × 768 pixels
contrast: 900:1
processor Intel® Core™ i5
hard drive SSD 240 GB
internal memory DDR3 4 GB
operating system Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit
USB 2 × 3.0, 6 × 2.0
analogue video output (3 ×) 2 × S-Video, 1 × RPP® video output
data interface USB (B)
weight 55 kg (without carriage and camera)

Item Number

  • Control unit: 9750.016093
  • Cable drum: 9106.016089

Fast & Comfortable Data Transfer

  • 3 × video output, incl. RPP® video output
  • 2 × LAN for exchanging data
  • USB for connecting USB devices, e. g. printer, hard drive, etc.

Ergonomic & Easy to Use

  • Detachable control unit, flexible installation
  • Ergonomically arranged control elements
  • Easy operation

Compatible with the following carriages and cameras

Laser Measurement

Integrated parallel lasers inside the camera head enable


  • Diameter measurement
  • Deformation measurement
  • Damage measurement



Inclination Measurement

  • Longitudinal inclinometer for depicting the sewer line in connection with a sewer TV inspection software
  • Transverse inclinometer with tilt protection feature


  • Transport frame for mobile use
  • Remote control CROSS|REMOTE