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First RICO TV-Inspection System in Georgia


The contact has been going on for some time, and now it is solidifying into a true partnership between RICO and GEO TURAN from Georgia.


Georgia is situated exactly on the border between Europe and Asia and thus belongs to the rising Eurasian states. However, Georgia has many unsolved problems in the area of ​​environmental protection. These include drinking water supply and Sewage Disposal. Here GEO TURAN can make an important contribution to the improvement of this situation with the products of RICO.


GEO TURAN, specialist in construction infrastructure since 1995, starts with a TV inspection bus. It is equipped with the RICO camera system CROSS | TOUCH for use in sewer inspection. The CROSS | TOUCH is characterized by its robust construction and can therefore be used reliably in harsh environmental conditions. The vehicle was installed using CROSS | RACK. The aluminum based frame of the CROSS | RACKs offers space for the TV inspection system CROSS | TOUCH including carriages and accessories.




Thus, GEO TURAN is able to quickly put the system into operation and show it to interested users. In detail, this means:

  •   The CROSS | RACK picks up control unit, cable drum, carriage and camera
  •   It has room for battery supply, cleaning system and crane with winch
  •   The cable drum provides 300 m of single-wire cable for the camera
  •   The battery can be pre-charged via mains power or the alternator


To prepare for the challenging task, Giorgi Chkhartishvili and Giorgi Shalamberidze received intensive training, both at CROSS | TOUCH with carriage FW150S, as well as on the software. We wish GEO TURAN great success in the upcoming demonstrations and look forward to a very successful cooperation.