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Vehicle takeover through our Italian distribution partner GEOVISION


A delivery from an individual fully developed CROSS|LANDER 300 to our longtime customer GEOVISION from Italy took place on Monday 17.09.2018.


The Company GEOVISION, with the head office in Valmadrera in Lombardei, who is known in Italy for years as a specialist for Video inspection and also for their really good service and to fulfil the special needs and wishes from their customers.  The Car was specially designed for the Company RO.EN. RO.EN is named in Italy since years for the collection and die carriage of garbage. The Company attaches importance onto the observance of ecological regulations and works with high quality standards. Also the company RO.EN is also known for their specialization on channel inspection. 


The fully reconstructed CROSS|LANDER comes with a RICO Camera System the CROSS|TOUCH which is specially developed for use sewer inspection. The CROSS|TOUCH is characterized by its robust construction and can therefore be used reliably in harsh environmental conditions. The vehicle CROSS|LANDER with the integrated CROSS|TOUCH camera offers a special developed 2 in 1 system it gives you a high-value inspection vehicle as well as a mobile system that can be separated from the vehicle in just a few simple steps.


Through the expansion to a CROSS|LANDER the vehicle not just possesses the named camera system also it includes:

-          Depending on the requirements various carriages and cameras can be used, operating range from Ø 100 to 1000 mm

-          Emission-free energy supply via lithium-ion battery system

-          Cable drum with 300 m single-wire-cable


The pickup and the crossing to Italy were made by two employees of the company GEOVISION, Jacopo L. and Davide Alessi. The support through the expansion and the handover was maintained through our long-time distribution employee Markus Hans. Furthermore we wish the whole team from GEOVISION good luck and we are looking forward to a great additional collaboration.