Thank you for visiting our booth during RO-KA-TECH


RICO GmbH benefited from the large number of visitors and gathered numerous interested visitors to the booth, who were fascinated by the new combination - digital full HD camera technology with a transmission line of 600 meters. RICO sets new standards in both camera and transmission technology.


The new CROSS | HD product family impresses with full HD camera resolution and thus brilliant pictures and films, as well as with the large cable transmission distance of 1000 meters and more.


The camera offers CAM | 150 pictures in full HD (1920 x 1080) quality and digitally transmits the data at a fast 60 frames / sec.


Thanks to the integrated power LED illumination and a 10x optical zoom, the CAM | 150 smallest defects and cracks in the pipe and allows the user perfect detailed investigations.


Also part of the new CROSS | HD product family is the trolley TRAC | 150. The 8-wheeled vehicle with integrated electric lift is the purest powerhouse for TV inspection. Ready for use from a pipe diameter of 150 mm, it drives safely and stably with a wide variety of wheels.


From the analogue data transmission, the user is accustomed to carry out an adjustment when the cable is shortened. In the digital data transmission of CROSS | HD product family no longer requires adjustment, it eliminates the need for a long cable length. As standard for the CROSS | HD product family offers RICO the cable drum CROSS | DRUM with 600 meters in length, 1000 meters and more are also available.


The longer the cable, the less often the camera and the vehicle have to be moved during use. This saves time and orders can be processed faster.


In addition to the new camera technology, RICO introduced the new slide system TINY | PLUS before - suitable for construction sites, independent of the mains and with simple documentation.


The TINY | PLUS offers exciting new features and still remains with the proven RICO camera technology.


Suitable for construction sites due to the large wheels, the TINY | PLUS is extremely robust and flexible in use. The built-in rechargeable battery allows a network-independent use and with the integrated image & film memory, the documentation is done quickly and easily.


All existing camera types from RICO, especially the swivel and rotation camera SR50, as well as the axial cameras VERTICA 30 or VERTICA 40 can still be used with the TINY | PLUS can be used.