New RICO Carriage Generation


With its new development, the carriage FW100CT.1, RICO announces the pioneering path for a new carriage technology.

Field Test with the FW100CT.1

The name of the carriage also refers to our new control unit CROSS|TOUCH und expresses the belonging to our new carriage generation. Nevertheless, the new carriage is, of course, compatible with all the previous RICO single-wire systems.


What is unique about the FW100CT.1 is its integrated mini back-eye camera which delivers an excellent camera image. Thus, safe reversing is now also possbile in pipes and sewers of 100 mm in diamter and larger. Due to its compact design, the back-eye camera is insconpicuous and can only be recognised because of its integrated LED light.


Moreover, the new wheels concept makes it even easier to adjust the FW100CT.1 for different pipe diameters. Combined with the new mechanical elevator, the FW100CT.1 can be used in pipes of up to 500 mm in diameter in a centred position. 


The whole adjustment process can be done by the operator in just a few simple steps.


One of the most significant advantages is the carriage's high traction. During our first tests, the FW100CT.1 easily reached distances of up to 176 m. Combined with the elevator and the resulting weight increase and higher traction it even reached 245 m. 


During its first practical tests done by customers, the carriage fulfilled the high expectations.


Owing to our new spring concept in combination with our proven camera SR50, we have the right answer for every area of application:


The two exchangeable springs allow for an optimal handling of the camera both with a push-rod cable (e. g. in connection with our TINY|PC or our SAT system) and with a carriage.


For financial reasons, inspection holes are increasingly built in a confined way, which is a complex challenge for camera technology.By developing the FW100CT.1 in combination with the SR50 and the respective spring, RICO has found the right solution.


However, the camera can also be directly connected to the carriage - a throughout compact carriage-camera concept.


The SR50's light has also been revised. This advancement offers a higher depth illumination from 100 mm to 500 mm in diameter, which means the camera does not need any additional light in larger pipes.


Here are the most important features of the FW100CT.1:


  • suitable for Ø 100 - 500 mm
  • certified explosion protection, zone 1
  • maximum power through new drive technology
  • inclination compensation
  • unique distances through maximum carriage weight and light cable
  • optimal pipe bend mobility
  • integrated back-eye camera
  • integrated longitudinal and transverse inclinometer
  • two integrated pressure sensors (for mutual monitoring)
  • easily mountable elevator