Kamera SR100 RPP


Product Features

  • Suitable for Ø 200 mm and larger in driven operation
  • Two camera types in one:
    - Zoom, pan and tilt camera
    - RPP® camera with fish-eye optics
  • Lens protection of sapphire glass
  • Powerful LED light
  • 10 × optical zoom / 4 × digital zoom
  • Integrated location transmitter
  • Integrated pressure sensor for indicating overpressure and low pressure
  • Protection type IP 68
  • Made in Germany

RICO-Picture-Processing RPP®

In addition to the conventional video recording, RPP offers a clear complete overview of the inspected inside wall of the pipe.

  • The entire inside wall of the pipe is shown on one picture true to scale
  • A quick complete overview of the inspected area offers - apart from excellent comparison possibilities - ideal conditions for an efficient qualified rehabilitation assessment
  • At the same time, RPP offers comprehensive possibilities to measure pipe damage, inlets, etc.
  • The coupled display of the inspection video with the fold-out inside wall of the pipe, highly facilitates the matching process
  • This means moving objects - e. g. running water - can be perfectly detected
  • No additional time expenditure: Due to the combination of the pan and tilt camera and the RPP® camera in one housing, only one inspection is necessary and the result is available immediately without any further processing steps
  • Owing to its easy operation, RPP does not require any additional training measures

Item Number

  • 9112.013455

Compatible with the following carriages


  • Parallel lasers for measurements
  • Continuous deformation measurement
  • in ATEX version