RICO – The right TV-Inspections system for every sewer


RICO has inspection cameras and TV inspection camera systems that allow users to do inspections in all pipe diameters from the domestic bathroom to the municipal sewer system.

The graphical representation makes this clear - there are various cameras for the inspection of pipes with diameters up to 2000 mm and solutions for house connections or sewage systems. This article gives you an overview of the application situations and the performance of the RICO systems.



With the ROSCOPE® 2000, installers and service technicians can carry out nearly all necessary inspections within living and working areas. Leaks and blockages in pipes of 30 to 100 mm diameters can be reliably reproduced. The ROLOC PLUS module also allows the location of pipelines and camera heads.



With the ROCAM 4 PLUS you can perform tasks in pipes with a diameter of 40 - 300 mm. The device is available with 30 or 65 m cable length. Watching and operating conveniently via a 10.4 "detachable touch screen, the integrated documentation software enables you to record videos, record, edit and annotate pictures, and send them to your own company or customer through a variety of technical means.



The TINY|PLUSpush rod system is extremely robust and flexible in use. The integrated rechargeable battery, with up to 4 hours of runtime, enables network-independent use and with the integrated image and film memory, documentation is quick and easy.

All existing camera types from RICO, especially the pan and tilt camera SR50, as well as the axial camera VERTICA30 or VERTICA40 can still be used with the TINY|PLUS.

The TINY|PC also offers integrated industrial PC for the sewer inspection software.



The CROSS|TOUCH is the mobile inspection system, usable from Ø 100 mm to 2000 mm. In addition, the CROSS|TOUCH offers an integrated industrial PC for the sewer inspection software. With the integration of the CROSS|TOUCHinto the CROSS|PORTER TV inspection vehicle, RICO offers both a fully-fledged inspection vehicle with outstanding value for money and a mobile inspection system that can be removed from the vehicle in no time at all.



The HIGH|LANDER offers the complete, individually developed TV inspection vehicle. The vehicle is upgraded with lightweight and high-quality materials in an individually selectable carrier vehicle. Depending on the requirements, different carriages and cameras can be used for the working range from 100 to 2,000 mm. The HIGH|LANDER expansion is characterized by a panoramic pane made of safety glass between the operating and rear rooms. The working areas both in the operating area and in the back area are ergonomically and functionally designed. The power supply for the HIGH|LANDER can be made according to customer requirements, on request, an emission-free power supply can be used by lithium-ion battery system. The individuality of the HIGH|LANDERalso includes a freely selectable channel TV inspection software. The HIGH|LANDER offers plenty of storage space for accessories and safety equipment throughout the vehicle.